How We Work

No Obligation Consultation

We work with clients across all budget levels. If you want honest advice about how we can help, we’re always happy to provide a free consultation. If we don’t believe your search requirements are realistic for any reason, we’ll explain why and do our best to suggest an alternative approach. We don’t want to waste our time and your money on unrealistic searches.

Getting Your Brief Right

Our first step is always to get a full understanding of your needs. Not just budget and specification details, but more personal considerations too. What period or style do you favour? What type of location would be ideal for your lifestyle? How sensitive are you to issues such as noise & traffic levels? What local amenities do you require?

This may even enable us to identify suitable properties which you might not otherwise have considered.


Shortlisting and Viewing

Having agreed your brief we conduct a thorough market search. In addition to identifying suitable properties on the open market, we also use our knowledge and contacts to identify any pre-market and off-market opportunities.

We visit all potentially suitable properties, and report back to you on any that may be of genuine interest. We aim to arrive at an initial short list before accompanying you to any viewings you choose to conduct. We discuss the advantages of each property, and take your feedback into account if further searches are necessary.

Negotiating Effectively and Successfully

Once we have found what you are looking for, we aim to secure the property on the best available terms by using our knowledge of current local selling prices and levels of market competition.